Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Still no pictures!

I said I would take pictures, but I guess I lied 'bout that one. Oops..... I have been meaning to do it, but I got a little carried away with life. First the chickens, then the garden (which is not blogged on either) and then the dog. What dog, you say? You've never talked about a dog?

We have a Brittany Spaniel named Woody. Awesome pet, awesome pheasant-hunting machine. Super intelligent, easily bored when in the house. So he can get naughty when left alone. Our solution to this? Get another dog! Well there were other reasons, valid ones, honest..... My husband has always wanted two hunting dogs, and he is absolutely DEVOTED to Woody. Couldn't ask for a better dog owner. How could I refuse him? I love dogs too, truth be known. 

So, the sewing pix went out the window. I did manage to fix the facing by the collar and add some extra cloth to add length. Remember, the pattern didn't allow for turn-of-cloth and my upper collar and facing was a little short in length. I will embroider some viney stuff to cover up the seams. It'll look "on purpose" I hope that way. Also sewed up the sides and pockets. Next week, I'll be hemming. After that, the sleeves, then the lining. I'm pluggin' along!

I did find the time however, to take a picture of the canines in my life. Until I take a picture of that coat, here's one of the boys, Woody and the pup, Dash:

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