Sunday, March 13, 2016

The retail market is a crowded field in southeastern Wisconsin. Everyone is vying for their share of the consumers dollars. There is an area of the market that is being under-served however - that is the semi rural customer. When people buy a 5-10 acres, a popular size rural estate, they want to have animals and hunt or fish their land.

This customer wants a one-stop shop for their rural hobbies: fishing, hunting, hobby farming, horseback riding. They also want personal friendly service by knowledgeable employees. Given the current complement of stores, from Fleet Farm and Menards to Cabelas, no one is meeting this market. The closest is Fleet Farm with their large variety of product categories. But even they fall short in feed supplies and equine products. There is a need for a clean, simple store with good prices for these products.

So how do we meet this growing need? By creating a store that caters to the semi-rural land owner and hobby farmer. Following is my answer to a growing need in this part of the state:

Announcing.........a one stop shop with friendly customer service
just for semi rural shopper and hobby farmer in us all!

Hobby n' Farm

Look at what we have!

Small farm animal feed

 If you need feed or supplies for any small farm animal, we have it.
 Chickens, Llamas, goats, potbelly pigs, we have it all!

Complete line of equine feed and supplies

 Finally, a store that has a wide variety of equine supplies and tack, all at a down to earth price. We pride ourselves on quality stable supplies. Its time to get real with our selection of used saddle and equipment also. Need quality feed? Come see our selection of feeds and supplements.

Household pet feed and supplies 

 We never forget about our household pets. Dogs and cats will be happy with our selection of reasonably priced, quality-made products. Toys, grooming products to food, we have it all.

Hunting and fishing equipment

 Pick up your new shotgun or shells with us. Hunting  and fishing permits are available. Large variety of poles and lures are on display. Equipment for deer, pheasant, turkey hunting and more are here.

Come check us out!

 As an incentive, show us this blog on your smart phone and recieve 25% off one bag of animal feed, your choice.

And remember - check back in for new posts about products and sales!